Arjuna's Daughter

Northern India, 912 BC

Six-year-old Amba, wants to be a great warrior, like her father, Arjuna. Everyone laughs her off: girls are to serve their masters, their men, not to pester them. Finally, Krishna, Arjuna's enigmatic friend, agrees to train her.

A decade later, Amba proves herself on the field against her father's enemy. But then she discovers that she is a pawn in Krishna's scheme to become the most powerful man in Northern India.

When Amba learns Krishna stood by as her brothers were murdered, she vows to kill Krishna. Then, a jackal howls, sealing her fate.

Krishna sends Amba into exile, where she plots her revenge. There, she meets Shiva, a black farmer, who takes her on the long trek to Krishna's realm. Amba and Shiva's friendship grows deeper, and she forgets that the jackal howled.

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"Arjuna's Daughter was well worth the time! I was really moved."
Mary Jane Skalski, Producer, The Station Agent (2003), Mysterious Skin (2004) and The Visitor (2007).