The Adventures of Fritz the Hunchback

Birgit Brecknell and Anton Planitz

Check out the slideshow below to venture into the world of Fritz the Hunchback. Fritz is a fearless traveler who works (grave-digs) for his monocle-wearing Master. Fritz enjoys time with his girlfriend, his chained-up children, and his pets Pliny and Matilda. Sometimes he also takes on his nemesis, Matthew the Mullet Man.

The slide show below only loads ten images. Click here to view Fritz's 70+ Adventures so far.

  • Fritz anticipates an omelette
  • Fritz hears of approaching tidal wave
  • Fritz bullfights
  • Fritz buys a pet
  • Fritz buys two pets
  • Fritz charms a snake
  • Fritz chases Matthew
  • Fritz climbs Everest
  • Fritz clubs a spider
  • Fritz collects omega 3