Birgit Brecknell is a Sydney-based author and scientist, who writes sci-fi and historical fantasies. She has written a novel, Arjuna's Daughter, and also published Frank and Stein: From Research Scientist to Creative Writer after completing her Master of Creative Industries. Birgit is currently working on her second novel Coal Black Eyes, Raven Hair.

Arjuna's Daughter novel

Arjuna's Daughter

Amba begs the demigod Krishna to train her as a warrior. His price: to make her a pawn in his grand scheme.

"Arjuna's Daughter was well worth the time! I was really moved."
Mary Jane Skalski, Producer, The Station Agent, Mysterious Skin and The Visitor.

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Frank and Stein book

Frank and Stein: From Research Scientist to Creative Writer

Frank and Stein charts Birgit Brecknell's journey from novice writer to writing a television miniseries. She discusses the hurdles that she faced, and sheds light on the screenwriting approaches that inspired (and hindered) her screenplay Frank and Stein.

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Coal Black Eyes Raven Hair book

Coal Black Eyes, Raven Hair

Mark sends Maria three virtual reality stories to win her back. Maria enters one of the worlds, and it becomes her reality.

Available in 2019.