Birgit Brecknell (née Planitz) started her career in science with a PhD in Computer Vision (Queensland University of Technology - QUT, 2004).

While writing her thesis and then later, in meetings at various universities, she spent a terrific amount of time daydreaming. She spent even more time fumbling when asked work-related questions.

Birgit finally admitted that she had a passion for writing fiction. She enrolled in a Master of Creative Industries in Screenwriting (QUT) while continuing to work in science. She approached the latter somewhat more conscientiously, as the science supported the fiction.

The writing degree was the most frustrating, insurmountable challenge of her long career as a university inmate. But it was also the most fulfilling and eventually led to the publication of her first book Frank and Stein: From Research Scientist to Creative Writer.

After that, Birgit wrote her first novel Arjuna's Daughter and then, a cartoon book Bob and Ducky. She is writing her second cartoon series "The Adventures of Fritz" with Anton Planitz, and a historical fiction trilogy Coal Eyes, Raven Hair.