Arjuna's Daughter novel

Arjuna's Daughter


The novel Arjuna's Daughter was inspired by The Mahabharata, an ancient Indian myth. In The Mahabharata, Iron Age kings are embroiled in an epic war that renders northern India a wasteland. The god Krishna makes it his quest to find a righteous man to rule.

Arjuna's Daughter is the tale of Amba, the daughter of the warrior-king, Arjuna. Amba is initially drawn to Krishna and his mission. Like her father, she follows Krishna blindly. She even concedes when he arranges a marriage for her. Wives are imprisoned, expected to produce sons and share their husband's funeral pyre, should he die.

Locked in a harem, Amba learns that omnipotent, omnipresent Krishna stood by while her brothers were slaughtered. Amba's doubt in Krishna grows. When Krishna kills her husband, Amba plots her revenge.


Arjuna's Daughter was well worth the time! I was really moved.

Mary Jane Skalski, Producer of The Station Agent, Mysterious Skin and The Visitor.

Arjuna’s Daughter is an interesting surprise of a story. … I'd recommend this tale for anyone who likes historical fiction, who has an interest in reading more about an India of the past, or likes the idea of following people's stories through multiple lifetimes.

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