Arjuna's Daughter novel

Arjuna's Daughter


Northwest India, 864 BC

I tracked Krishna to the marshlands that ran parallel to the beach. The humidity was disgusting; something I'd never gotten used to. My hair stuck to my sweaty neck, as did a mosquito. As I stepped around mangrove roots that reached upwards through puddles, cool water flooded my boots.

I stopped cold when I saw him for the first time in decades. His stooped shadow crystallized into an aged man. Ducking behind a tree, I studied him with interest. Krishna was a god in the eyes of many, given that he knew everything about everyone. Yet he was all flesh and blood today—gods that took on human form had to contend with aging bodies.

He hobbled in no particular direction. I thought he might be headed to the ocean to escape via boat, but he drifted aimlessly in the mangroves. Krishna's famously acute mind must have finally withered.

Pausing in the sunlight, he lapped up some fresh water from a puddle. He wore no armor over his dhoti and shirt, but only a shawl. I scoffed to myself; killing him would be all too easy.

Krishna turned to face me; his strange blue eyes were as alert as they'd ever been.


Arjuna's Daughter was well worth the time! I was really moved.

Mary Jane Skalski, Producer of The Station Agent, Mysterious Skin and The Visitor.

Arjuna's Daughter is an interesting surprise of a story. I was transported back to an India of the past, and found myself tracing a story of revenge through several generations of people, as they died and reincarnated, or magically lived forever, or became transformed into gods.

The story seems to jump around from chapter to chapter, but the author manages to thread it together as you trace what happens from one generation to the next, as new people are born, and others die and are reincarnated. I liked how I felt. I got a flavor for how people lived during these times, as well as their thinking about how people moved through difference existences.

I'd recommend this tale for anyone who likes historical fiction, who has an interest in reading more about an India of the past, or likes the idea of following people's stories through multiple lifetimes.

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