Coal Eyes, Raven Hair Novel

Coal Eyes, Raven Hair

The Coal Eyes, Raven Hair trilogy spans the three lives of Maria, akin to Run Lola Run, but across three different eras. The tale of reincarnation questions whether, if given the chance, we’d do any differently in another life.

Book 1: Jerusalem, 33 CE
Book 2: Vienna, 1854
Book 3: Golden City, near future

Jerusalem, 33 CE

I wasn't supposed to be out here, unaccompanied on the hillside among pilgrims. But whenever the opportunity presented itself I escaped the manor, my prison.

I sat under an olive tree watching my family, further up on the hill near the city wall. Mama herded our family and slaves towards the arched gateway. Papa carried the sacrificial lamb.

Earlier Papa had checked the lamb for blemishes in the stable. When he was done, I snuck into the stall. The animal ignored me and chewed hay as I placed my hands on it, begging for it to take my sins away.

Now, sitting under the tree and watching my family from afar, I feared that God hadn't made enough sacrificial animals for me. My desires were abundant and intense. I wanted to escape the boredom of Sabbaths. I longed to taste bacon, which the Romans fried on the other side of the temple wall. I wanted to see a naked statue. I just wanted a glimpse…

Yahweh punished those who transgressed. Whatever would he do to me?

Book 1 coming in 2021