Arjuna's Daughter novel

Arjuna's Daughter



Arjuna’s Daughter is an interesting surprise of a story. I’d recommend this tale for anyone who likes historical fiction, who has an interest in reading more about an India of the past, or likes the idea of following people’s stories through multiple lifetimes.

Arjuna's Daughter was well worth the time! I was really moved.

Mary Jane Skalski, Producer of The Station Agent, Mysterious Skin and The Visitor.


Chapers 1- 5 - free

Web novel - $4.99 USD

Frank and Stein book

Frank and Stein

Screenplay and textbook on the storytelling process.


Screenplay - free

Textbook (hardcopy) - variable - see Amazon

Perfect Dolls story

Perfect Dolls

This story was shortlisted for [untitled] Issue Eight, a competition by Busybird Publishing.


Short story - free

Bob and Ducky cartoon

Bob and Ducky

A fun online cartoon book.


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